Support for Families

Forging the Links – a Programme for Families

Supporting relationships is the best way to improve peoples’ wellbeing and confidence and in turn reduce harm and the risk of reoffending. The family programme will help families with their relationships in whatever way is best for them; this could be without having direct contact with each other, but even in this case, there are still relationships which need attention. The programme can be delivered while one parent is in prison.

The family programme complements other Circles interventions that focus on specific roles and positions within the family systems, such as the Non Offending Partner Programme. For the family programme, we will work with whoever is important to the family in question, including friends who are not biologically related to the family.

The programme will be bespoke to the specific family. We will work in a family-centred way, focussing on their strengths and being led by their wishes and needs.

The structure of the programme would therefore consist of a collection of modules and exercises which can be selected where relevant to the family. This could include:

* Parenting support
* Restorative processes
* Trauma and attachment-based support
* Working directly with children and young people
* Sessions designed for parents and/or siblings where there is a young person in the family exhibiting harmful sexual behaviour

The length of this programme is flexible and sessions can be with several family members or 1-1. For further information or to make a referral, please contact Dan Leigh:

Tel: 07776960499