Circles of Support & Accountability

A Circle of Support and Accountability is a group of trained and supervised volunteers working with a single sexual offender (Core Member) supporting them to integrate safely and appropriately into the community, sometimes following lengthy prison sentences. The Circle is managed by the Circle Coordinator who in turn maintains links with the relevant statutory professionals (Police, Probation, Local Authorities).

While the volunteers’ role is to support the Core Member, the group are thoroughly briefed on their previous behaviour, and how to spot if there is an increasing risk of reoffending, holding the Core Member accountable for their behaviour.

Circles meet weekly initially, gradually reducing frequency over an 18 month period.

The success of Circles is well documented, both in terms of reducing risk factors such as alienation and emotional loneliness, and in terms of reducing reconviction rates (see evaluation studies elsewhere on the site).

The role of volunteers is crucial to this success. Essentially ordinary members of the public prepared to take time out to demonstrate trust, humanity and care to individuals who have sometimes never experienced such treatment, with the result that they learn to treat others in the same way.

In this way Circles have made a constructive, humane and ultimately effective contribution towards public safety, our main concern.

If you would like to know more, either as a potential volunteer, or as a potential referrer, please contact us:

T: 01235 816050


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