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You may have been given the details of  Circles South East  by Police Officers in relation to Project Vigilant or Operation Shield, or you may be seeking support for your sexual thinking yourself.

Circles South East understands that if you are left to manage your potentially harmful sexual thinking on your own, this can lead to behaviour which can cause serious harm to others and have life changing consequences for yourself.

Getting help with your sexual thinking can seem like a big step, but like any other problem, there are 5 steps to getting help from Circles South East.

1- You notice something is wrong

It might be that a friend, partner or the police have shared with you that your behaviour is starting to worry other people. You may too have realised that you are worried about your sexual thoughts. Or you may at this stage not be worried about your sexual thinking but have other worries in your life such as your accommodation, within your relationships, being socially isolated, money worries or getting stopped by the police.

2 - Getting Help and Support

By looking at this website you have already taken a positive step in the right direction to getting support and help. Circles South East have 20 years experience with working with people to prevent sexual harm.

Sometimes it can be daunting to speak to someone about your problems and ask for help. But there is nothing you can say that you need to feel embarrassed or  ashamed about. Our organisation has a wealth of experience in supporting people to discuss difficult subjects such as sexual thinking, helping people to make positive changes

3 - Assessment

You will meet with one of our trained and qualified staff who will want to get to know you, assess your needs, talk about your strengths and goals and together, make a plan moving forward to support you in the best way possible. You may wish to talk to the co-ordinator about problems you experience, your sexual thinking or your behaviour which is worrying you. You may also have no idea what the issues are- we can help with this too.  The plan is driven by you so we will listen to what it is you need might need support with.

4 - Making a Plan

Following on from your assessment  session, will meet to make a plan together . Your plan is tailored to your circumstances, your needs and your goals for the future.  This plan can be reviewed, changed and adapted at any time to meet your individual needs.

5- Action

We will now support you to put your plan into action. We will see you for up to 20 hours ( depending on your assessed need). The plan may consist of a range of interventions provided by Circles South East,  including counselling, one to one sessions to explore your thinking, group work, peer support and volunteer support to reduce social isolation.

With your consent, this may also involve us referring you onto our  partner agencies in mental health, substance misuse, housing and  money management.

If you would like to receive support from Circles South East or you have any further questions about Circles South East and Project Vigilant please do not hesitate to contact us and we look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah West – Project Vigilant Lead for Circles South East

Enquire@circlessoutheast.org.uk – Telephone: 01235 816050

The Thames Valley Priority Access Model

The Priority Access Model works in Partnership with Thames Valley Police to provide vital quick support to individuals who may be at risk from reoffending. Using highly trained and experienced volunteers Circles South East is able to offer responsive mentoring and enable someone to alter their behaviour before a new offence is committed.

Priority Access support is normally directed to individuals in the community who have completed, or are near to completing their licence, are isolated and lacking other appropriate support networks. 

For more information contact info@circlessoutheast.org.uk or call 01235 816050