Protective Adult Service

The Protective Adult Service was written by Chris Wilson, who co-authored the original Thames Valley Sex Offender Groupwork Programme’s Non-Offending Partner Programme.

The programme is designed for women with children, who are in or have been in relationships with men whose sexual behaviour towards children has caused concern or which has led to conviction. We aim to enhance the woman’s ability to protect her children from sexual abuse. This can be achieved by working within a supportive environment, educating participants as to how and why sexual abuse occurs, with particular reference to their partners’ behaviour, learning to identify risk, and enhancing participants’ self-esteem so that they have the confidence to enact safety plans.

The service, which can be delivered either in group or 1-1 formats consists of the following topics and last for up to 10 sessions depending on need. The programme finishes with a full report concerning participants’ responses to sessions and an assessment of ability to protect being provided to referrers.

Understanding Sexual Offending:

  • What is sexual abuse – signs and symptoms
  • Understanding Denial – for the offender, partner and family
  • How do sex offenders operate, patterns of offending, understanding grooming behaviour
  • Recognising risk and warning signs
  • Victim Awareness and communicating with children about sexual abuse
  • Exploring the individual’s specific understanding of their partners behaviour and exploring their role in providing support and accountability.

Support Structure/New Life Plan:

  • Developing a support network and exploring how and when to access this support
  • Good Lives Model – meeting personal needs, goals for the future.

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