Assessments, Training and Consultancy

Circles South East is able to offer a comprehensive package of support for professionals working in the field of sexual abuse both for those new to the field, and for those with experience but wanting to refresh skills.


We can provide full assessments on the following:

  • Risk assessments concerning men who have sexually abused
  • Women’s ability to protect their children from partners or ex-partners who have sexually abused
  • Risk assessments concerning young people displaying harmful sexual behaviours.


We offer training covering the following topics:

  • Working with sexual offenders – a generic course
  • Understanding sexually abusive behaviour
  • Working with denial, minimisation and blame
  • The role of masculinity in sexual abuse
  • Treatment methods for perpetrators of sexual abuse
  • Group work skills
  • Working with women who are in relationships with men who have sexually abused
  • Autism, Intellectual Disability and sexually abusive behaviour
  • Methods of assessing risk of sexual abuse
  • Brief solution focused therapy. Motivational interviewing
  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults
  • Working with young people displaying harmful sexual behaviour.
  • Working with families/carers of young people displaying harmful sexual behaviours

If you can’t see what you want here please contact us to arrange a bespoke training session to meet your needs. Below is some of our feedback on training we have delivered:

“This was some of the best training I have attended. Facilitators were superb in all aspects. Cannot praise enough”

“One of our legal managers said it was the best training session he had ever attended”
P.M. Bail for Immigration Detainees

“Absolutely fascinating. Very useful for everyday practice and also for risk assessment, practical support and understanding”
Anon. OCTS


We provide consultancy to team and/or team managers where there are concerns about working in the field of sexual abuse. Consultancy can include input on organisational policy, risk management, team welfare and training needs. It can run alongside training and seminars, increasing organisations’ skills and confidence.
“thank you it’s been very useful and flexible”
CB – Project Lead Compass

For more information on Assessments, Training and Consultancy contact us on:

T: 01235 816050


Additional Services

In addition to the Circles South East suite of services and programmes, Circles continues to develop new arms to its operation with either the end user or third party interested bodies in mind.

Currently here you will find details of our growing Family Support involvement including a programme called Breaking the Cycle.

We are very aware of a number of long established and specialist bodies for whom contact and involvement in our area of expertise is necessary or vital. We have developed and continue to develop tailored packages to assist such bodies with their own development and outreach and have designed unique programmes to that end. We also offer training based upon our long experience of training Volunteers again customised to brief and delivered to specialist cohorts.

We have started to build a library of useful information mostly in the form of Reports, informed Articles, Conference papers and other useful materials for use by ourselves but also to share and distribute to other interested parties. Please be patient with us as this is a labour of love and very time consuming.