Additional Services

In addition to the Circles South East suite of services and programmes, Circles continues to develop new arms to its operation with either the end user or third party interested bodies in mind.

Currently here you will find details of our growing Family Support involvement including a programme called Breaking the Cycle.

We are very aware of a number of long established and specialist bodies for whom contact and involvement in our area of expertise is necessary or vital. We have developed and continue to develop tailored packages to assist such bodies with their own development and outreach and have designed unique programmes to that end. We also offer training based upon our long experience of training Volunteers again customised to brief and delivered to specialist cohorts.

We have started to build a library of useful information mostly in the form of Reports, informed Articles, Conference papers and other useful materials for use by ourselves but also to share and distribute to other interested parties. Please be patient with us as this is a labour of love and very time consuming.