Enso Mentoring

Enso Mentoring works collaboratively with the National Health Service and National Probation Service as part of their Intensive Integrated Risk Management Service (IIRMS). Mentees will have been screened into the Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) pathway and have often served long prison sentences, following a conviction for a violent or sexual offence.

They may also have complex needs associated with their risk and resettlement. At the heart of Enso Mentoring is a belief that communities are key when it comes to rehabilitation and safe reintegration of those that have caused harm to others. Through the support of volunteers, we aim to support Mentees in working together to access the better, stronger parts of themselves and contribute positively to society.

The support offered to mentees is responsive to their needs. Therefore, support from volunteers will start at the point in their sentence which best supports them. It may begin whilst the mentee is still in custody through correspondence mentoring, visits to the prison or meetings whilst on release on temporary licence. Once in the community, support may include social meetings, exploring past times and hobbies with the mentees or support with life skills and goals for the future such as moving onto independent accommodation. The scheme currently operates in Kent, Surry and Sussex.

For further information please contact Info@circlessoutheast.org.uk or 01235 816050