Staff & Vacancies


Chief Executive

Becky Saunders – Overall responsibility for the Charity

Board of Trustees:

John Williams – Chair
Liz Jones
Howard Cohn
Becci Seaborne

Nora Holford
Lydia Guthrie


Senior Coordinators:

Jan Thompson – Responsibilities for oversight of Kent and London Circles Projects. Business Development Manager

Dom Williams – Responsible for oversight of Buckinghamshire/Berkshire/Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire/Hampshire Circles Projects, Reducing Sexual Harm Hub (Non-Offending Partner Programme, Family Programme, Counselling and Forums Projects), Youth Circles Project and Training/Assessment and Consultancy work


Tracy Blackstock – Coordinator responsible for delivery of Youth Circles Project and Counselling Projects

Daisy Collinge – Coordinator responsible for the Circles London Project

Rachel Coppins – Coordinator responsible for delivery of Kent Circles Project

Alex Downer – Coordinator responsible for delivery of Hampshire Circles Project

Ron Macrae – Coordinator responsible for delivery of Buckinghamshire/Berkshire/Oxfordshire Circles Project and oversight of Northamptonshire Circles Project. Implementation Manager, Circles UK learner centre.

Lesley Martin – Coordinator responsible for delivery of the Northamptonshire Circles Project

Ndy Okoronkwo – Coordinator responsible for the delivery of the Circles London Project 

Ashleigh Palombo – Coordinator responsible for delivery of the Circles London Project

Jelena Richards – Coordinator responsible for Circles South East Counselling and Forums services

Beccy Scott – Responsible for delivery of the Non-Offending Partner Programme and Family Programme

Sam Slater – Coordinator responsible for delivery of the Circles London Project

Mike Terry – Coordinator responsible for delivery of the Surrey, Sussex and London Circles Projects

Sarah West – Volunteer Pathway Pilot Lead – responsible for recruitment and retention strategies for volunteers. Acting Senior Manager with oversight of the Circles London Project

Finance & Business Development

Tim Trimble – Finance and Administration Manager

Mark Goldup – Business Development Consultant




Grace Dale – Office Manager

Susie Hunt – Administrator